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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 20, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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leaving some workers in the cold. >> this is not a legitimate government. can and the decision this afternoon that had people stripping off their clothes in san francisco city hall. this is bay area news at 7. >> good evening. a storm system has been parked over the away for much of this day. our storm tracker 2 is showing rain and with the main event expected to reach the golden gait in about two hours. we are on storm watch with live coverage. but we begin request san francisco airport with the look at day-long travel headaches with the unsettled weather. >> that's right we're at
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terminal one and i just got off the phone that says at this hour they've had about 74 flights that have been canceled antedelays right now up to about two hours. the board tells the story today. bat weather here and have ffo that meant log waits waiting for their son to come home from college. >> and unfortunately when we looked at the screens it looked like he was going to be at least 45 minutes late. >> it was among the long list of delays that plagued passengers all day. impacting san jose and oakland airport. >> because of the bad weather we had to fly over oakland to come in to land and that causes
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problems with delays lays. travel osty sent tweet updates. >> we have about 43 million travelers this week and it's quite an increase over last year. >> some tried to leave early but were ready for slower traffic. >> make sure windshield wipers are good and what else can you do? it's nothing compared to the rest of the country. >> usually some traffic jams and people hitting their breaks a lot. >> it slows things down, but you know it's god's liquid sun sibb. so we enjoy it. we just have to work around it. >> back here at sfo the faa is restricting arrival to just 25 flights per hour instead of the 60 flights per how. so if you do come to the airport make sure you come
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ahead. well the splash showers have hit most of us for the day over the north bay. over the last hour we have seen the system finally begin to shift over the central bay. we will show you again we've got steady rain continuing over the north bay and as we look along the peninsula we have rain headed this way. now from san francisco down to san mateo. and it's now crossing over the east bay with oakland reporting a few light showers here. as we get into the evening hours we're going watch this system continue to push to the south and as it does it will continue to bring us rain into the north bay we've seen anywhere from 3-10á7b9 and i will tell you how long this system is going to stick
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around. highway patrols investigating a fatal cash that left one woman dead. it happened about 2:20 this afternoon. an suv veered into a disabled car and that car was pushed into traffic and overturned. the woman inside the disabled car was ejected. workers of the port of oakland are applauding ending agreement that crippled their operations today. late this afternoon union leaders and port officials resumed talks of a new contract for about 200 workers. our crew broke the news to those on the picture line. >> i think it's great. >> earlier today tensions were high at picture ors prevented
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truckers from making their deliveries. the port's board of commissioners also operations the national airport. the protest is not affecting operations there at airport. more details there while there's no number yet on the cost of today's strike officials say overcall it jen rates $8 million every day. oakland is the fourth biggest container port in the united states. >> new information tonight on the nurses strike. it's the 7th strike in three months and sutter is now taking action that's left both sides at an impasse. >> reporter: unilaterally implemented the nurses contract. that is legal. wee learned four nurses walked
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out. strikers are trying to push the hospital to back off. hospitals say emergency surge is normal. 60% of scheduled nurses came to work. at biggest hospital, summit,s strikers say it's -- >> everything would have changed. >> key issues no free health care for part-timers and lower pay for new highers. given today's economic the offer is fair. >> that's really in line with police, fire, teachers. >> hospitals today across the bay area eight are sutter. >> and less cooperative and not
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willing to compromise and negotiate. >> it's our responsibility to be as efficient and effective as possible with that health care dollar >> reporter: although these strikes are scheduled for one with or two days some hospitals plan to lock out nurses until sunday. that allows them to hire the best replacements. now to san francisco with the board of supervisors today approved a contentious ban on public nudity. >> a healthy expression of nudity is beautiful. >> escorted them out of city hall this afternoon. the board approved a ban on a 6- 5 vote. the tolerance has been tested with increasing public exposure. >> from the last couple of years it's gone well beyond
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that. >> shame on you. >> nudists are already taking court action trying to overturn the ban. the supervisors also gave a thumbs up for passes to use. supervisor weener had argued that it should be spent on train maintenance. a suffered a cut to the head head. just after 11 this morning when it went into the march. the 37-year-old man was able to get out of the plane on his own. the pilot told investigators the plane lost power just after taking off forcing to make an emergency landing. a jury is recommending the death penalty for a man who
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killed his exgirlgirlfriend and her friend. earlier this month the same jury convicted him of two counts of first degree murder. because he thought they were romantically linked. he represented himself at the trial. he said the killings were justified. >> and now for the latest in a bizarre is a za. in a blog post yesterday mack bee said he's hiding in plain sight. he also says he's disguysed himself as a street peddler and a tourist. he is wanted in questioning for the shooting of his neighbor. yet another suspicious fire. the latest fire broke out on
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tennessee street. the damage today -- no one was home at time. last night's fire was in the vague and ambiguous vicinity and investigators say there are similarities to other cases. a warning tonight about hazardous toys. released it's 27th animal trouble in toy-land list today. each are hazardous to children and adolescence. some toys prevented a choking hazards some had a high level of led. >> the current required standard is no more than a hundred parts per million. >> another kern is powerful magnets if swallowed they could
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move toward each other. click the link under today's topics. tax problems and allegations of lavish spending. >> i don't want you to be distracted by what you read today. >> he is referring to an editorial demanding his resignation. the 50-year-old recently filed for bankruptcy. including thousands of dollarss spent on casino visits, luxury hotels and golf trips. the audits are due out in one month. >> football players jeff tedford is out as code can. and the sudden departure of --
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that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. engineers today mark the last major milestone for the bridge. 32,000 ton bridge is holding itself up. the cable wrapped around the deck and the tour. connected to the deck by more than 100 cost intense lines. the middle east the day began with high hopes for a cease fire. it's still no end to the violence. a former ktvu reporter right in the thick of things there. > reporter: violence intense fied today. and the death toll continued to
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rice. in gaza officials say air strikes have killed 133 palestinians. suspected of collaborating with israel and in israel rocket strikes have now killed five people. the first israeli military fatality today an 18-year-old soldier. >> it's very difficult on a civilian population in particular. >> reporter: that's the backdrop for the difficult and delicate cease fire talks taking place in egypt. president obama reportly talked for the third time in 24 hours with egypt's president who's trying to broke a deal and secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in reist reel. >> advance the security and legitimate aspirations of israelis and palestinians palestinians alike. >> reporter: this afternoon i
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spoke with cnn correspondent who said people on both sides now want more than just a temporary cease fire. >> reporter: all of this talk that it's going to be this way or that and getting to that is a very difficult thing to do. >> reporter: in the meantime she says palestinians and israelis will stay calm until a lasting resolution. you can go view her story. just one week after clearing his name, the puppeteer for sesame streets eale moe is stepping down. kevin last a lawsuit filed today of him having sexual relations with an under aged boy for a two-week period. expects more legal action in
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the coming weeks. personal matters have diverted attention away from the important work sesame street is doing and cannot allow it to go on any longer. >> palo alto company says it will take an $8.8 billion charge of serious acting problems. ceo says it happened before the expect eves responsible have left the company. company stock is down nearly 12%. as is surgeoned from dangers of the fiscal clip but then then the market's stead. nasdaq is mostly in change with positive. now a sporting event lock had had in place even though it won't open for two more years.
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it's usually scheduled in the days leading up to the new year it will be the last time the game is played at at and t park. long time call football coach there was one big win this year that is going to be remembered for decades to come. >> watch washington -- he led the team for eleven seasons but this year the team only had three wins. >> you're legacy is unquestionable. however the current state of our program is not what our student at leets, fans and  community deserve. >> he released this statement. >> i'm so the grateful all of the players in make call football relevant.
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>> coach tedford is the reason why i'm here. >> he says the the players were told this morning that their coach was fired. >> i would like to see coach tedford here. that was my head coach, the coach i planned on finishing college with. >> although tedford will no longer be on the sidelines he's left a lasting impression on the university. >> the stadium is awesome. >> we need to bring in somebody new to help with the stadium to sell seats etc. because it's going to go down hill. >> one of the major requirements someone who can succeed on and off the field. call's current graduation rate is 48%. the lowest in the pack 12. we're still two days away from thanksgiving but some
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already feeling the holiday spirit. much of the day serving trays of thanks, giving meals to deserving team. thousands of people registered to help. and if you're planning on leaving the bay area for the holiday you can still take us with you on you're ipad. or on your smart phone. $10 million decision made today sparking new enthusiasm for lovers of the great outdoors. some already lit up in green meet rueings will let us know how soon weather will be rolling through your neighborhood.
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crews in pittsburgh spent hours fixing a water main. the pipe dates back to the 1930s. one hearing-impaired on east santa fe and two in the city. in the weather center all afternoon tracking a storm that has yet to hit us hard.
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>> steady rain all day for most of you. the system finally beginning to shift south and will be out of our way by tomorrow. the rain started up this morning but for most of us it's just been scattered showers where it has not seen a let up is over the north bay. from santa row is a in and around the golden gait, you go south, east, west, the only reprieve is nap pa. all the way to fairfield. you can see okay land, san lee an drow. the peninsula seeing a break. we have more to come, trust me. this system is also bringing a went weather with advisory. and will last until tomorrow
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afternoon around 4:00. it's very gusty out there and if you need those changes. as we move through the evening hours this will continue to shift south. looks like by 10:00 or sew still hanging over the north bay. you're going to feel that coming down on your rooftop. inside the overnight hours it's going to shift south, and by tomorrow morning we're dealing with scattered showers. a loft moisture still in the air, so showers will remain in the air. if you are going to be getting a jump start early on, you will be dealing with scattered showers but the afternoon drive looks okay. quite a bit a rain expected. and we are looking at a quarter inch or lest over the rest of area. the wind will be breeze reat times. in the overnight hours the
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temperatures upper 240s low 50s. drying out by the afternoon. and back into the mid-60s in the afternoon. we are in good shape for thanksgiving day. perhaps a little bit of valley fog but dry and mild as we head into the weekend. some new funding should give walkers and bikers a fresh trail. okayed $10 million for trail improvements around stanford university. of that $4 million will go toward a bike bridge. thank you, for trusting ktvu channel news. over coverage continuing with the 10:00 news and the critical issues that it races.
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news is up next on tv36. [ crickets chirping ]
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